White woman caught on video spewing racial slurs on bus

The passenger launched into a racist rant at other passengers on a public bus. Unfortunately for her, the incident was recorded on someone's phone, and the footage has since gone viral. 

On Saturday, June 30, a female passenger on the 235 bus operating on Transport of Rockland Route 92 in New York stood up on a crowded bus and started yelling at passengers of color to get out of her country and go back to their own. 

Another passenger on the bus decided to pull out his mobile device and film the incident, which has since gone viral over social and mainstream media. 

In the footage, which can be viewed on Daily Mail, she can be heard swearing at passengers, taunting them by asking if they even have papers to be in America

Among her racial slurs she included plenty of swearing at passengers, and told them to get out of her country. 

When called out on her disgusting behavior, she yelled that she has a First Amendment right to say anything she feels like saying. 

Unfortunately, when she realized that she was being filmed, she quickly changed her target, clearly concerned that her despicable attitude towards people of another color would be seen by the world. 

When she realized the camera was rolling, she promptly got up and advanced on the passenger recording her, trying to take the phone off them and pushing them.

It was only when another passenger intervened and pulled her away by the arm that the person with the camera was left alone, still recording. 

The bus driver eventually called the police on the woman, and both Rockland County sheriff's deputies and Orangetown police responded to the scene. 

She was arrested on the spot. Police have not released her name or the charges she faces. 

The passenger who filmed the video has been contacted by the Rockland County Commission on Human Rights, giving them the option to file a complaint against the woman. 

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