CNN's Don Lemon melts hearts while watching fireworks with white boyfriend in recent pic

Tim Malone, the boyfriend of CNN news anchor Don Lemon, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and Lemon enjoying a firework spectacle.

The image was a selfie taken by Lemon, and it portrayed both men flashing their big smiles to the camera. Behind them, there was the Sag Harbor and plenty of fireworks adorning the sky.

Malone and Lemon were not the only people enjoying the firework show as the image showed a couple of people sitting on the harbor looking at the event. Plenty of boats were also on the water, looking at the spectacle way closer.

As soon as Malone posted that photo, her friends and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One of them was Eileen Matrone Gomez, who pointed out that the view was ‘awesome’ and that both gentlemen looked great. Karla Rising chimed in and said that Malone and Lemon were two of her favorite guys.

Lemon and Malone’s relationship is very interesting, not only because there were rumors about them meeting each other in a bar, but also because they kissed each other live on CNN New Year’s Eve.

According to, Lemon talked about his New Year’s resolution in 2017. One of the things he said was that he needed more balance and his work and life and admitted that he ‘might be open’ to having a serious relationship.

Exactly one year later, he invited Malone to appear on camera, where the pair shared a sweet New Year’s kiss. Right before the kiss, the 52-year-old news anchor told Malone that he loved him.

Lemon, trying to clarify how the couple had met, set clear that they didn’t meet at a bar, but they got together at the bar. Lemon admitted that they met each other in New York.

He finally set clear that it didn’t matter where people met, all that matter was if the couple was happy.

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