Deployed airmen gather to sing popular Adele song, and it sounds beautiful

U.S. Air Force is definitely famous for flying and serving the country, but a group of deployed airmen proved that they have also got a knack for other artistic endeavors.

Members of the AFCENT Band surprised their fellow airmen when they performed the jaw-dropping covers of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind, and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

A video uploaded to YouTube by 379th Air Expeditionary Wing showed the band members playing various musical instruments and presenting the medley of those songs to celebrate the birthday of a fellow airman, A1C Amber Holt.

In the video, the soldiers were armed with musical instruments like violin and guitars. They gathered at the corner of a room and began playing their music, while a female soldier provided her vocals to impress the present audience.

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The medley began with the Adele cover and the musical instruments that came into play were just a guitar, a fiddle, a single hand drum, and a shaker. Then the female vocalist put her amazing singing ability on display.

She hit the most difficult of notes with ease, reminding everyone the original version. Her fellow airman clapped to the beat and cheered her on

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

After the end of the song, she let another airman take over to sing the Jay-Z’s phenomenal rap in Empire State of Mind.

He showed his surprising skill at rapping and laid a strong build-up for the female vocalist to sing the chorus part. Yet again, she did great justice to the vocal range of the original singer, Alicia Keys, and impressed everyone with her voice.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Finally, the band broke into Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and completed their set of an amazing musical performance.

The video was first uploaded on the channel on August 11, 2011. So far, it has gathered over 2,264,585 views and more than 32,000 likes.

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