Marjorie Harvey poses against expensive red car in recent picture

Marjorie Harvey boasts of luxury and contentment in her latest post where she poses in a red convertible amid a mountainous landscape. 

Marjorie Harvey appears to be on a road trip, but she took a moment to share snaps with her flashy red convertible. The fashionable wife of Steve Harvey was cruising through Malibu when she posted a photo where she’s taking in her surroundings while leaning against her luxurious red car. She appeared to be channeling a cool moment wearing sunglasses and a jacket as she looked out into the sunset. 

In another post, the mother-of-three who’s also a stepmom to Steve’s four children, shared an aerial clip that provided a grand view of her mountainous location. As the video progressed, the camera zoomed in on her sitting at the back of her car. 

“Stopped to take in the views”, she wrote to accompany the short video. 

It’s unclear where Marjorie was headed or if she was just taking a moment to contemplate on her blessed life, but the 53-year-old has one good thing to ponder on, among others. She’s expecting her fifth grandchild in September, and no one was as excited as Marjorie to learn that the baby will be a boy.

Marjorie took to Instagram to reveal the happy news of her son Jason and his wife Amanda expecting their third child and also shared a balloon-popping video disclosing what the baby’s gender would be. As she popped the black balloon that read, ‘He, She? Pop to see,’ a shower of blue confetti was released along with the revelation that her son and daughter-in-law were having a boy. Marjorie jumped for joy and rushed to kiss her grandson Noah, one of Jason’s two children. 

Steve and Marjorie wed in 2007 bringing in their own set of children into their marriage. While Marjorie has three, Steve has four from previous marriages. The couple met in Memphis and had been in love for years before taking the big leap. Since then, their family of nine have been enjoying a luxurious life, thanks to Steve’s success as a comedian and television host and his wife’s trending fashion blog.

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