Kimberly Guilfoyle poses with boyfriend Trump Jr. in sweet photo from Paris

Donald Trump Jr., President Trump's eldest child, has been dating Five On Fox News reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle after his split from wife Vanessa back in March.

The 49-year-old Guilfoyle shared on Instagram a snapshot of their recent trip to France and wrote in the caption: 'Great day in Paris with [Donald Trump Jr.] at the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.'

The couple was on their way to our friend’s 50th birthday party, and Guilfoyle told her 285,000 followers that it was going to 'be a blast!' Read more on our Twitter @amomama_usa. 

Donald Jr. hasn't shared any photos of their trip yet. Earlier today he posted a throwback photo to his son Donnie's 'first Bull Shark,' and added: 'Now that was a fun day!' 

Their relationship was taken a more serious turn since Donald Jr. took Guilfoyle 'home' to meet his parents at the White House for their Independence Day celebrations. 

As reported by Inquisitr, Donald Jr. announced back in March that he and his first wife Vanessa would be filing for divorce. He has been dating Guilfoyle for more than two months now.

The reason for their split has not made public as yet, but Donald Junior cheated on his wife in the past. Nevertheless, the couple parted on good terms and are still friends today.

Donald's ex-wife even defended his current girlfriend on Twitter netizens called for her to be fired from Fox News due to her affiliation with the Trump family.

Vanessa, who had been married to Donald Jr for thirteen years, jumped into the media storm by pointing out the lengths people would go to and 'attack a woman simply because she's dating Don.'

The mother-of-five said it'd been nine months since she separated from Donald Jr. but added that they still 'respect each other's decisions and privacy.' 

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