Police officer surprises boy with gift after video of the 12-year-old dancing goes viral

Police Officer Kawain Harrison discovered and recorded a young boy, Javon, who has a talent for dancing like the iconic artist, Michael Jackson.

Greenville Police Department took Facebook to share the fun video on its official page. The brief video showed the boy’s graceful tribute to the King of Pop.

In the description to the video, the police department wrote that Officer Harrison took a call for service over the weekend, and discovered the 12-year-old boy when he arrived.

After seeing the boy perform Michael Jackson dance moves, the impressed police officer decided to record him. “Watch this kid. He’s really good … this kid got the moves,” Harrison says in the video.

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It was further informed that the white glove that Javon wore is the one his grandfather wears when he ushers at a church on Sundays.

At the beginning of the video Javon tells the audience, “Hi, my name is Javon. I’m 12 years old. And I like Michael Jackson.”

Javon then picks up a hat he placed on the bonnet of the police car and then takes his position, waiting for the music to begin.

Almost immediately, Jackson’s famous song, Billie Jean, starts to play in the background, and Javon starts by showing off some of the most iconic Jackson dance moves.

Javon later told the officer that he learned his moves by watching Ellen DeGeneres, the famous talk-show host, who is also popular for her dance segments in her show.


People were so impressed with his talent that they quickly took to the comments section to praise the young boy.

Facebook user, Amber Miller, called Javon a ‘pure talent’ and queried if there was someone wanting to sponsor the child for classes at a dance academy.

Similarly, Alex Loeb commented to invite Javon for performing during a Furman Basketball halftime.

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