Victoria Beckham’s 15-year-old son looks like his mom

Victoria Beckham’s son, Romeo, is a boy version of her as onlookers did a double take at the 15-year-old when he was spotted at Wimbledon with his grandfather.

Victoria – a fashion designer and former Spice Girl – has four children with her husband, David Beckham. Although, recent photos of her second son, Romeo, revealed that he is her spitting image.

Romeo was recently seen at Wimbledon, spending some quality time with his grandfather and Victoria’s father, Tony. They were attending the ninth day of the pro tennis championships at the All England Club.

Photos of the teenager showed him sporting a white Adidas shirt and a black baseball cap. His serious expression turned heads as he looked very similar to his mother.

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The Sun recently revealed a side-by-side picture of Romeo and Victoria. The former Spice Girl was wearing a similar ensemble in the 2000 photo to what Romeo was donning during his outing with his grandfather.

Looking at both photos, the mother and son looked very much alike.

Even though Romeo had inherited his athleticism from his father, he got his looks from Victoria. 

With his love of tennis, Romeo has been a frequent goer at Wimbledon this 2018.

The Daily Mail previously reported that the teenager had a training session with Grigor Dimitrov. Victoria and David were also said to have spent a significant amount of money to have an artificial grass court at their family estate in Oxfordshire, according to the publication.

Aside from tennis, Romeo also plays baseball and has joined the Arsenal football academy just like his older brother, Brooklyn.

Romeo has been making a name for himself, especially on social media.

Teen Vogue shared that he created an Instagram account in 2017 and he had more than 220,000 followers almost immediately. Now, his account has more than 1.6 million followers.

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