Farmer takes dream to 'Shark Tank' and even sharks can barely hold back tears

Johnny Georges, a farmer from Florida, took the stage on Shark Tank and pitched his innovative product, Tree T-PEE that can cut the costs of water on large-scale tree farms.

A video uploaded to Facebook showed Georges giving a heartfelt presentation on his idea to try and get himself a partner who can help him distribute the product on a larger scale.

Prior to this, Georges was selling the product in Florida to hard-working farmers at a cheap price. But he believed that his product should reach out to all the farmers across the United States.

His idea and his product were definitely so clever that it got him a spot on Shark Tank, the famous, highly-competitive business-pitch TV show, but he was yet to win over the investors.

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Georges game plan was to be himself and present his product with all the emotion he developed as a small-time Florida farmer. He also proved that he was not going to compromise his morals just to get an investor.

During a point in the show, one of the investors reminds Georges that the margin he had set for his product was so low that it would not be able to “feed” both him and his distributors.

Georges said that he sold his product at just $4.90 while it cost him about $2 to manufacture it. The investor wanted Georges to raise his sales price to at least $12-$15 so that there is enough margin.

However, Georges argued that his product was meant for the farmers and asking higher price would be unfair to them. He remained adamant on his decision regarding price until, finally, the investor said, “I’m out.”

Just when it seemed that there was no hope for him, another investor intervened reminded Georges that “farmers are the cornerstone of America.”

So, he loved what Georges stood for and was willing to give him everything he was asking for. The investor agreed to be the farmer’s partner.

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