Dog dies after playing ordinary game with owner

Ksenia Novikova
Jul 20, 2018
11:36 A.M.
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Jen Walsh did not expect that their little outing to a lake would end up tragically with the family’s dog, Hanz, a two-year-old schnauzer, died while playing a common game.


The owner took to Facebook to share her experience hoping to spread awareness about the dangers associated with playing in the water.

Jen Walsh and her family went on an outing to a lake. Their dog, two-year-old schnauzer, Hanz, also went along with them as always and they played together.

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The family played one of the most common games people play with dogs. Jen would throw a ball or stick into the water and Hanz would make a dash for it, fetch it and carry it back.

It was repeated many times over, and each time Hanz came back ready for more, without any dent in his level of excitement or energy.


Hanz did not show any signs of discomfort, even after an hour and a half of being in and out of the water for more than twenty times. But nobody could have known the risk that he would be in as a result of his activity.

Just a few seconds after he had retrieved the ball the last, he collapsed on the ground looking exhausted.

The family decided to take him to the vet as the dog's condition started getting worse by the minute. While on the way to the vet, his health further deteriorated.

Jen realized that the family had to do something that would help keep him alive. When the family eventually arrived at the vet's, Hanz was straight away taken into care. Unfortunately, it was too late to save the dog; the schnauzer had already passed.


Jen learned what had happened to her beloved Hanz only after his death: he had suffered from hyponatremia, water intoxication.

It is a cause for the death of thousands of dogs every year. Though it is not common, it is better to be aware of the reasons, which will help avoid a similar situation.

Hyponatremia is caused by excessive fluid intake, which in turn causes the body to lose sodium. As a result, water begins to fill in the body's cells, and they swell. If the cells in the brain swell, it can cause problems to the central nervous system, which can be lethal.


Dogs can't decide when they need to stop drinking water, and this is an important fact that dog owners must remember. Situations like these can arise when dogs are playing in the water, in pools or oceans or even drinking from a water hose.

It is necessary for people to watch over their dogs, especially if they love playing in the water.

Jen Walsh and her family were unaware of the fact that Hanz’s life was in danger, and they will definitely regret the pain and suffering their dog had to go through.

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