Professional singer starts singing next to penguins and their reaction goes viral

British opera singer Nick Allen had a special performance, but his audience’s hilarious reaction is winning hearts on the internet.

The singer was in Antarctica when he decided to sing a few notes in the 13-second-long video which was shared on YouTube on July 4, 2018.

For some people, opera transports them to another time, and they can take in the music’s harmony, range, and message. 

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Some people love the art and appreciate an energetic performance. However, there could also be some who don’t feel the same way. Penguins seem to be among that category.

World-renowned opera singer Nick Allen discovered the fact when he took a trip to Antarctica.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Allen was quick to get off his vessel to get a closer look at nature. He saw then penguins around him and decided to entertain them with his beautiful voice.

The British singer was floored by walls of ice, clusters of seals and snow-covered mountains dotted with penguins in one of the most secluded territories in the world.

He got close to a waddle of the flightless winged animals. He began to sing one of his hits. However, the penguins were not pleased.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The animals seemed to be running for their lives as fast as they could. Allen was disappointed when he looked to find the members of his audience scattered.

Allen has a lovely and powerful voice, and it only shows that it takes a lot of practice, skill, and talent to perform opera.

Hopefully, the world-famous singer did not take things too personally, while the Penguins were able to go back to resting peacefully.

Though the penguins run for the hills after Allen’s impromptu performance, it seems because they were disturbed during their rest.

The animals lost their capacity to fly years ago, but their ground-breaking flippers and streamlined bodies help them swim well, according to Yahoo News.

They are among the speediest swimmers who can remain submerged up to 20 minutes on end. 

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