Little Native Canadian baby steals the show at his 1st Pow-Wow with adorable dance moves

Jul 16, 2018
12:37 P.M.
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Martina Josephine took her 2-year-old son, Albert, to his first powwow, where the toddler surprised everyone by showing off his perfect tribal dance moves.


Josephine took to Facebook to share her son’s dance video, which she recorded in a powwow in Camrose, Alberta, Canada, where little Albert stole the show and gave even the most experienced adult dancers a tough competition.

The video opens with Albert stomping his feet rapidly on the ground while he holds on to a tambourine and shakes it along with other men dancing in the circle.

The little boy’s perfection in the dance form is a reflection of the emphasis that his mother gives on teaching her child the rich culture and tradition.


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She also deserves a huge commendation for encouraging her son to test his skills alongside adult tribal leaders despite his young age.

The video is adored by the internet users all over the world. So far, it has gathered over 1.5 million views, which is rising every moment.


It has also received over 6 million reactions on Facebook. Similarly, Albert’s unbelievable dance moves have been shared more than 36,000 times on social media.

The post has also received over 230 comments with most of the people praising the boy as well as his mother for their closeness with the tradition and culture.

Facebook user, Floyd Thompson Sr.,  praised little Albert for collecting over a million views and becoming a young sensation at such a little age. ‘It’s the sweetest video ever!’ he added.

Facebook user Karen Leigh wrote how the little boy turned out to be a big inspiration for her. ‘Spirit felt like it needed a little boost today… so I watched this and I smiled. A lot.’