Passengers report bleeding from their ears after commercial flight lost cabin pressure

189 passengers were aboard the plane headed to Croatia. After an emergency landing, many passengers complained about bleeding ears, as well as mistreatment from Ryanair.

More than 30 passengers were taken to the hospital after a Ryanair plane had “in-flight depressurization,” as reported by the officials. Following the incident, passengers complained about the awful treatment they allegedly received from the airline.

A passenger named Roxanne Brownlee and Sara Silhelnik expressed their concerns to ABC News about the entire incident.

Brownlee told the news outlet that it was the “most terrifying thing” she had ever experienced.

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Brownlee said, “The oxygen masks just fell down in front of us -- we were given no context, there was no announcement,” and added, “We were all kind of scrambling trying to put the oxygen masks on and people were screaming, crying and shouting.”

Ryanair’s spokesperson explained that the depressurization caused the deployment of the oxygen masks. The plane was supposed to take 189 passengers from Dublin, Ireland to Zadar, Croatia but had to do an emergency landing at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in Germany.

Brownlee and Silhelnik claimed that no one from the flight attendants or the captain updated the passengers when the plane started plummeting.

Brownlee shared that she thought they were going to die.

When the plane arrived at the airport in Germany, 33 people were brought to the hospital. The authorities said they were treated for headaches, earaches, and nausea.

For Silhelnik and Brownlee, they said the treatment they received after the landing was “disgraceful.”

“They brought in about 100 burgers, for 189 of us there. They said elderly and families with small children can sleep on cots in the basement, the rest of us was just sort of left floating around,” shared Brownlee. 

She also revealed that they were up for more than 36 hours. They were all exhausted and traumatized from the entire ordeal.

A spokesperson from Ryanair claimed they provided their customers with refreshment vouchers and hotel accommodation, but the spokesperson admitted that there was a shortage of available accommodation.

On July 14th, another plan from Ryanair brought most of the passengers to their original destination in Croatia. 22 out of the 33 hospitalized passengers were brought to Croatia via bus since they were not allowed to travel by plane.

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