Girl with autism cried over report card, so dad made her a new one

Shane Jackson made his daughter, Sophie, a girl with autism, a new and improvised report card after her school gave her straight D’s on different subjects.

Jackson took to Twitter to share the report card that he prepared by himself. The new report card gave more emphasis on living a good life and graded the little girl on the basis of that.

After seeing the poor grades on her report card, his daughter was distraught and deeply troubled. She cried and said after receiving the report card, ‘I’ve let everyone down.’

‘My daughter who has ASD received straights Ds on her report today. She cried and said “I’ve let everyone down” this is my report card for her,’ Jackson wrote in his tweet.

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So the new report card that the proud father made for her daughter rated Sophie on various personality traits such as, ‘funny,’ ‘loves dogs,’ ‘drawing and making robots,’ and ‘imagination.’

The final skill of Sophie, which the father rated was ‘best daughter ever,’ to which he gave the grading of ‘A-plus.’

He also gave Sophie an ‘A’ for being funny and another ‘A’ for her ability to love dogs. He also graded her ‘A’ for ‘fighting with the boys.’

Alongside her ability to be ‘best daughter ever,’ he also graded Sophie an ‘A-plus’ for her immense ‘imagination.’

When Sophie first saw the report card that he made for her, she had a “beaming smile” on her face, Jackson told Woman’s World.

The proud father also stated that the response to his twitter post has been ‘overwhelming’ with many people commenting to congratulate him on his unique idea.

Jackson went beyond just making the report card to cheer Sophie up. He also created a twitter account for her, dedicated to posting her art.

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