Sade's transgender son shows off his masculine side in shirtless pic with male friend

Jul 19, 2018
04:18 P.M.
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The British Nigerian singer-songwriter's transgender son has been undergoing plenty of changes lately, but still has plenty of friends close by his side, including one who recently celebrated his birthday. 


Sade's son, Izaak Theo, was born Mickailia “Ila” Adu, but came out as transgender in October 2016, sharing that he had been taking hormones since April of that year. In August 2017, he announced he was undergoing breast removal surgery. 

Recently, Izaak took to his Instagram account to share a photo of himself and a close friend, who he named as Ramskalahanz, on his birthday. The pair were sitting shirtless in a shallow stream. 

"A big Happy Birthday to the one and only Ramskalahanz!! Hope you have the best day sweet angel boy. So blessed to know you and have you in my life! Love you so much," Izaak captioned the shot. 


The pair seemed relaxed and happy as they sat in the water in their blue swimming trunks. Ramskalahanz was also wearing a pair of dark round sunglasses. Both men had tied their braids up in man buns on top of their heads. 

Their tattoos were on full display as they sat shirtless smiling at the camera. 


People were shocked when Izaak first came out as transgender, as he had always looked like a woman as Mickailia, wearing her hair long and dressing up in heels and dresses. 

Despite the shock of the public, Izaak had his mother's full support, and that of many other close loved ones. And Izaak wasted no time starting his transition. Within a year, he had had his breasts removed. 

Shortly after sharing his news, he appeared with a full beard, a mustache, and seemed to be speaking with a much deeper voice. 


Although he had plenty of support for his transition within his family and friend circles, Izaak has shared that it hasn't been easy.

Shortly after sharing his news, he took to Instagram to speak about the challenges of being transgender, and how difficult it is in particular for people who don't find acceptance from their family and friends. 


The two-slide post shared his thoughts for those who struggle to find acceptance. 

"Being transgender is hard. Every day is a struggle. You are constantly fighting for the world to accpet you and sometimes you even fight yourself. You may compare yourself to cis males (or females) or even other trans men (or woman[sic]) and it can be absolutely exhausting," he started the post. 

Some people took to the comments section to argue with him that they had not experienced that, so Izaak decided to clarify in the caption that while this may not be everyone's experience, it was certainly that of many trans people.