Remember the quintuplet mom of 4 boys and 1 girl? Here's how the babies look now

The five boys and one girl born to the woman after a dramatic pregnancy continue to grow as healthy toddlers.

Alexandra and Antonin Kinova are proud parents of 6 children, five of whom share a special connection with each other – they were born as quintuplets.

The couple was raising their first child, a son, when Alexandra found out that she was pregnant again, as reported by Hygo.

The 23-year-old and her husband were thrilled about a new addition to the family, however, further into her pregnancy term, they realized that their son was going to be blessed with more than one sibling.

Doctors initially told the Kinovas that they were going to have twins, and the news only added to their joy and excitement.

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However, Alexandra was soon advised to undergo a second scan to confirm the news of twins, after which they arrived at a shockingly different finding.

The young couple was told that they were going to have triplets, to which the duo had a mixed reaction.

Not long after the second scan, the doctors were stunned to discover one more little baby apart from the three in Alexandra’s womb.

What followed was a series of scans and re-scans along with multiple medical opinions, and it was only after a long wait that the Kinovas finally found out that they were having quintuplets.

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The doctors were earlier uncertain about this discovery and avoided telling the parents about the quintuplets before being completely sure.

Alexandra, who was overwhelmed by the many new findings of her pregnancy, gave birth to 5 healthy children, including 4 sons and one daughter. The C-section took place smoothly, and luckily, neither the children nor the mother had any medical complications.

The only downside of the happy event in the couple’s lives was that Antonin was on a train that was running late when his beloved wife went into labor, due to which he missed being there by her side when the quintuplets were born.

Although he was ecstatic to meet the babies in the delivery room once he arrived, Antonin revealed that he had cried all along the train journey since he was certain he had missed witnessing the birth of the five babies.

The couple named the children Alex, Daniel, Martin, Michael, and Terezka, and all of them have been growing up without any health problems.

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