Warryn & Erica Campbell open up about solving marriage woes following his infidelity confession

Cheryl Kahla
Jul 20, 2018
01:07 P.M.
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Music producer Warryn Campbell and his wife Erica candidly discuss their marriage battles, divorce, and Warryn's infidelity. 


The We're The Campbells stars released a new video titled Is Divorce Ever Okay? on the YouTube channel earlier this week.

As reported by Madame Noire, they are Christians but still agree that there is a certain point were people should break free. However, a couple should always try to save what they have before quitting. 

It takes hard work and earnest soul-searching, but the rewards of a happy marriage and healthy relationship are worth it in the end. 


Erica said just putting a ring on your finger and having a beautiful marriage won't fix problems and a couple needs to sit down together and evaluate their pre-marital patterns. 

She describes this as doing a mental inventory and questions range from how many partners one had before entering the relationship to what type of music and videos you like. 


Everything you take in will affect and shape what you want in your partner, and often our partner has to compete with that image of perfection we have in our heads. 

All these things - which she refers to as 'soul ties,' the demons and spirits of past relationships - need to be dealt with before one can enter into a relationship with a new partner. 


A year ago, Warryn admitted on Oprah Winfrey's Black Love series that he cheated on his wife. He blamed his own selfish behavior for his actions. 

He wanted things to change, but Warryn first expected Erica to do all the changing to suit him. Once he realized the error of his ways and was willing to start with himself, they began repairing their relationship. 

As reported by Praise Charlotte, the couple founded a church called California Worship Center, and services are held at the James Madison Middle School, on  Hart Street in North Hollywood.