Donald Trump's best worst tweets that shook the internet

Donald Trump, the Twitter-loving president of the United States, has been embroiled in controversies because of his, well, love of tweeting.

Here's some of the presidential tweets that stirred up the internet.


He’s ‘way smarter’ than his critics

The real estate mogul-turned-politician lashed at his critics, calling them "losers and haters". What's more, he bragged about how high his I.Q was compared to them.


Vaccines causing autism?

On March 28, 2014, President Trump sparked criticisms when he posted a tweet that seemed to link vaccination with autism. Advocates of early vaccination were definitely not pleased.

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Columnist’s husband leaving her for a man

Exactly five years after making a controversial remark, President Trump was at it again - this time, offending gender equality advocates. His target: columnist Arianna Huffington.


Defending a ‘sexual harasser’

On August 21, 2013, the President defended a television executive who was forced to resign because of accusations of sexual harassment. Feminists were, again, enraged.


Climate change ‘is a lie’

Environmentalists blasted the ever controversial President when he tweeted about the global warming being a figment of some people's imagination. Apparently, he sees no use for windmills.


Doubting Barack Obama’s ‘American-ness’

On May 18, 2012, President Trump sparked outrage yet again after what appeared to be a racist remark about his predecessor, Barack Obama.


More oil from the Middle East

Two months before his controversial tweet about the former president, Trump posted a tweet that seemed to show just how cunning a businessman he was.


Obama and the Russians

Another tweet from 2012 became a hot topic after Trump threw another shade at then President Barack Obama. He insinuated that Obama would be very accommodating of Russian interests.


Improving ties with Russia via a beauty pageant

But in 2013, Trump took pride in holding the Miss Universe Pageant, which he owned at that time, in Moscow, Russia. He stated that the pageant would bring the two countries together.


On Charlie Hebdo shooting

Trump enraged journalists and free speech advocates when he remaked about the deadly shooting incident at Charlie Hebdo in France. He appeared to have put the blame on the staff of the satirical weekly newspaper.


Cussing at his critics

Lastly, Trump didn't mince words when he hit at his critics again, this time peppering his tweet with the F word.

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