Roseanne Barr explodes while explaining her racist tweet in a bizarre video

On Thursday, actress Roseanne Barr shared a video of herself explaining the racist tweet that got her show, Roseanne, canceled by ABC. In the short clip, the star frustratingly shouts at her son Jake.

According to the YouTube clip, Barr honestly thought Valerie Jarrett was white. Judging from the video, the star hasn’t let go of the drama.

On Thursday, Roseanne Barr, 65, was seen on camera addressing the racist tweet she made against Valerie Jarrett. A few months ago, the star compared Jarrett, a former Barack Obama aide, to a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes.

At the time, ABC had responded by firing her and canceling her show Roseanne. Later on, they re-rebooted it as The Connors minus Barr.

“I THOUGHT THE [expletive] WAS WHITE!!!!!"

Roseanne Barr, YouTube, July 19, 2018

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The video Barr shared on YouTube showed her looking disheveled and agitated while smoking a cigarette.

She was being interviewed by her son, Jake, 40, off camera. In the clip, she shouts at him saying that she's trying to talk about Iran.

"I'm trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett about the Iran deal!" she screams. She shouts that the tweet was about that, to which her son responds by telling her that he knows as she’s explained it to him about it 300 times.

Then Barr yells in frustration that she thought Jarrett was white but chooses to use some colorful language to emphasize her point. She repeats her statement a couple of times.


The interviewer appeared to be trying to ask his mother about a prior video in which it sounds like Barr had worn multiple outfits. Before going on her tirade, she could be seen puffing her cigarette and running her hand through her hair.

The actress has previously tried to apologize to both Jarrett, who is actually African-American, and the America people for her comment. She once even confessed that she’d tweeted while on Ambien.

Her fellow co-stars berated her for the tweet.

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