Test: Which member of Royal Family are you?

This Quiz will tell who you would be you would be if you belonged to the Royal Family

Every woman in the world has dreamed of being a princess, of wearing beautiful dresses and fantastic jewels. And for a very few women, that dream comes true.

People have been fascinated by the women of the British Royal family for centuries, ever since sassy Anne Boleyn lost her head over King Henry VIII.

Her daughter Queen Elizabeth II was the first queen regnant, and she showed them that a woman could rule as well - if not better - than a man. She also LOVED fashion, high heels and blingy jewelry.

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesofUkraine

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesofUkraine

The clever Queen was always surrounded by eye-candy.

Only the hot looking, really ripped men in England were allowed to serve at her court.

But not all Royal women are born to the purple. Wallis Simpson, a racy American divorcée with a scandalous past so enchanted Edward the Prince of Wales that he gave up his throne to marry her.

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesofUkraine

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesofUkraine

And what about our current crop of Royal Ladies? Which one of them do you most identify with?

Duchess Kate, Duchess Meghan, Princess Charlotte, Duchess Camilla or the Queen herself?

Do this quick quiz and find out which Royal you are.

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