Megyn Kelly announces loss of her longtime friend

Last Friday, Megyn Kelly revealed the sad news that she’d lost her dog, Basha. The television host and journalist took to social media to share the news.

In her Twitter post, she shared that she had the dog for 14 years before it passed away. On Monday on her Megyn Kelly Today show, she explained how the loss made her feel.

On Friday, Megyn Kelly posted a picture of her dog Basha on Twitter and revealed that the pet had died. The host spoke further about her loss on Monday on the Megyn Kelly Today show.

While crying, Kelly told the audience that the death was very sad. “And to me, it was just a reminder of how much these little creatures can mean to us, how close we get to them,” she said.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. She shared that it had been an emotional weekend for her.

Kelly is often the subject of harsh criticism on social media but she said the opposite occurred after she announced Basha’s death on Twitter. She explained that she’d gotten a lot of kindness from people instead.

‘Our dog Basha died today. I had 14 beautiful years with her. I am so terribly sad, but also so grateful for the love this little creature brought into my life.’

Megyn Kelly, Twitter, July 20, 2018

To me, it’s sort of fitting that this dog, that brought so much joy into my life, so much love, on her way out sort of added more,” the host added in between tears. She shared that her three children, Yardley, Thatcher, and Edward, had taken their pet’s death hard but were doing fine.

Kelly revealed that her dog’s death had made her even more grateful for her many blessings, including her son Thatcher, who celebrated his fifth birthday on the same day.

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesUkraine

Source: Getty images/GlobalimagesUkraine

The television host pleaded with her fans “take a moment to appreciate [your pets] while you can. Hug your little dog, your little cat, whoever it is who loves you,” she said through tears.

She added that she would miss Basha terribly. Megyn Kelly Today fans were introduced to Basha when she appeared on the show in June in honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day.

At the time, the dog had co-starred alongside other canines in a segment about summertime pet safety. The family pet also had the pleasure of enjoying family holidays with Kelly.

In March, Kelly told viewers about a vacation mishap that found her accidentally leaving Basha behind at a house occupied by strangers. The host her husband, Douglas Brunt, and their children arrived at their vacation rental home and were shocked to find another family already inside.

They quickly figured out that they were in the wrong house and left to find the right one. Then they realized that they’d left Basha behind with strangers in the first house.

Embarrassed, they went back to ask for their pet. Back at the first house, Kelly had to convince the strangers that Basha was still somewhere inside.

The woman staying there said the dog wasn’t there and Kelly insisted that it was. Next thing she saw Basha in the middle of the living room sitting there like a queen.

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