See how much Tori Roloff's baby Jackson looks like one of his uncles in sweet new pic

Jackson, Zach and Tori Roloff's 1-year-old son, shares an uncanny resemblance with his uncle, Jacob Roloff, when he was about the same age as him.

The discovery was made by Tori while going through some old family albums, where she found a picture of Jacob as a baby being held by his father, Matt Roloff, and she could help but share it on Instagram on Sunday, July 22, 2018.

Although the photo was shown on Tori's Instagram Stories, having then disappeared in the next 24 hours, it can still be found on Twitter, in a post by In Touch Weekly.

It is general knowledge that babies inherit DNA from their mother and father, but, according to researchers at 23 and Me, they also inherit around 25 percent of their other relatives' DNA.

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This would certainly explain why little Jackson shares some similarities with his uncle, who, unfortunately, is yet to comment on the subject.

Jacob, who is currently engaged to his girlfriend Isabela Rock, having proposed to her back in January, has a very close relationship with Jackson. In fact, they both appear together in several photos on Instagram.

In May, for example, Jacob took to his Instagram page to share a photo, which was taken on Tori's 27th birthday, of him himself carrying a smiling Jackson on his shoulders.

"Jackson’s almost 1 year old!! He loves those shoulder rides for sure. Can’t wait for Ember to get back from Hawaii cause I honestly can’t get enough of these kiddos."

Jacob Roloff, Instagram, May 3, 2018

21-year-old Jacob hasn't been a part of Little People, Big World, the show that made his family famous, since 2016. At the time, Jacob decided to leave due to issues with the production team.

He felt that the show was becoming too scripted and that the family's dynamic was fading. To Jacob, following orders from producers or say and do things for the sake of entertainment, was not part of what he believed in.

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