July 26, 2018

People furious after grown man 'steals' ball from kid during baseball game

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People on Twitter were furious at a man who seemingly stole a ball from a little fan at the Chicago Cubs game; however, the true story was completely different.

Sports Illustrated had shared the clip on their Twitter account on July 22, 2018.

Sometimes things appear completely different from what they seem. A clip from a baseball game went viral recently when an older fan sitting behind a young fan seemed to pick up the ball and hand it over to a woman next to him.

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The ball had been tossed to the boy by Cubs first base coach Will Venable. As the coach threw the ball, there was a scramble and the ball rolled under the seats and in the hands of this older man. 


Many users on social media reacted with some strong words for the man who seemingly had broken the little fan’s heart. 

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At the end of the game, the infielder, Javier Báez, who had seen the rush,  gave the young boy a signed ball trying to make up for him missing the previous ball.

Later, however, it was disclosed that the older fan had already given the younger fan a different ball of the same match. 

Thus, the trolling that actually took place seems to have been completely incorrect.


Another fan, Chuck Mycoff, at the same game who was seated right next to the older fan stated that the young boy was given a ball during the game.

He went on to add that the man did not keep the ball but passed it on to another child after all.

Chuck said the fan handed the ball to his spouse, who quickly took a photograph of the ball and then gave it to another little boy seated right next to them. He wrote, ‘The guy was great. The story is BAD.’


NBC Chicago’s David Kaplan later reiterated the same story. He tweeted that the older fan who seemed to have grabbed the ball had already given the boy a ball earlier.

The young fan in the picture was now the owner of ‘a game-used ball and a Javy Baez ball.’ 

The Clubs official Twitter account also showed images of the smiling boy with two balls of the game and a big smile across his face.