First official 'Murphy Brown' photo and teaser released

Murphy Brown, the iconic television series from the late 80s and 90S is about to make a comeback and the old team has gotten together for an official photo.

The show, which premiered in 1988 and ended in 1998, followed the adventures of the FYI team in a world of 24-hour cable, social media, fake news and several political topics.

The photo of the cast was originally posted on the show's official Instagram account, where fans and followers of the iconic series were delighted to see their favorite characters back together.

The revival of the series was announced back in January 2018, and it promises to follow the same direction as its initial 10-season run on CBS, focusing on current events and incorporating them in the episodes.

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According to Pop Culture, Murphy Brown will reportedly try to 'draw the line between good television and honest reporting' amidst a divided nation, which was pretty much what the original run attempted to do.

Initially, a reboot of the show started being discussed in 2012, when Diane English, the woman behind the creation of Murphy Brown, having talked with CBS about bringing the series back with brand new episodes.

The idea only materialized with Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017, with former writers, producers and actors reuniting to brainstorm ideas for the reboot.

Production kicked off on Monday, July 23, with the old members of the cast, as well as new ones, coming together for the first table read. Much like its predecessor, the series promises to be a hit.

As the leading lady, Candice Bergen will put on Murphy Brown's shoes once again and, as the biggest star on the roster, she appears on Murphy Brown's first teaser released by CBS.

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