Michael Ealy touches hearts with photo of his little son in gray shirt and red hat

It came as a shock in 2014 when Michael Ealy revealed that he was actually married and had a son with his wife. Recently, Michael has become more open about his personal life and has shared an angelic photo of his son on Instagram. 

As reported by Madamenoire years back, Michael Ealy has always been hesitant to share pieces of his personal life to the public. Back then during an interview with Steve Harvey, he confirmed that the actor has been married for about a year, to which he said yes. The answer to the next question, however, took the audience by surprise as they discovered something new about Ealy. 

When Steve asked him if he could see himself having kids in the future, he revealed that he already has a son named Elijah. According to Ealy, he never announced it to people because he felt it was none of their business. He can talk no end about his shows and films, but his personal life is something that he would rather not discuss as it does not involve the other people he is speaking to. 

“I never understand why people announce the birth of their children.” 

"Every year I am supposed to post how much we love you. Every year you make it easier and less obligatory. We love you more and more for all you do. God is.Love u mommy The R, Hq, & Me"

While this is the case, the actor does not see any problem with occasionally sharing bits and pieces of his son on social media, especially if it has something to do with God. In his most recent photo of his son, he shared that while he does his best to protect him, ultimately, it is God protecting him and his son. 

"I do what I can but his protection comes from above. #angelsinheaven #grandmandgrandpa #happydaddyday"

"We can always find comfort in you. We're all blessed to have you. We celebrate you everyday! Thanks 4 holding us down. You are the core and the rock. Looking good too ma! We love u"

Michael shares Elijah with his beautiful wife Kahtira Rafiqzad, whom he has been married to since 2012. They continue to live their private life out of the spotlight, despite his fame in the entertainment industry. 

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