Jobless family of 10 rejected a five-bedroom home because it was not large enough

Arnold and Jeanne Sube, who have eight children, turned down a five-bedroom house in England because it apparently was not big enough for them.

As Opposing Views reported, the couple is from Cameroon, but they moved to Paris, where they lived for several years. However, they moved again to the United Kingdom in 2012 with their eight children.

Given the fact that neither of them worked, they were offered to live in a three-bedroom house that costs the country around $20,000 annually, and they accepted.

Nowadays, the couple doesn’t have a job because Jeanne is a full-time housewife and Arnold is studying, so they are living off of taxpayers’ funds. Recently, they Subes were offered a five-bedroom house as a way to improve the condition they currently live in.

While most people would have accepted to move from their current three-bedroom to the new five-bedroom place right away, the Subes didn’t do so and even complained because the house was not big enough for them.

Councilor Tom Shaw admitted that the Subes and the rest of the people must realize that England was in the middle of a national housing crisis.

Shaw added that there were more than 10,000 people waiting for a house and that more than 1,000 were in temporary accommodation. He couldn’t understand why the Subes turned down to the bigger house Shaw found for them.

The man set clear that the country cannot be more sympathetic and that they couldn’t make appear a property the way people wanted out of nowhere.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

‘There are not many five-bedroom council houses in Luton and they were lucky to be offered one. I haven’t a lot of sympathy for them,’ added Michael Garrett, the Conservative leader on the council in England.

Opposing Views revealed that the Subes’ patriarch studied mental health nursing at the University of Bedfordshire and that the family rejected the new house because there wasn’t room for the things of 10 people.

Arnold added that he and his family felt neglected as the house they live in at the moment is so ‘cramped,’ and the conditions ‘are terrible.’ He pointed out that the council was trying to make things harder for them.

The man revealed that they needed a five or six-bedroom home with double rooms so they could comfortably fit in. Arnold finally said that his family has developed depression and anxiety for all the things they have been through.

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