Remember Hilary from 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'? She looks great at 51 and has two biracial kids

The American actress is biracial, and after marrying a white man, her two children are also biracial, and facing the challenge of finding themselves and building their identities with that in mind. 

Karyn Parson was born to an African American mother, Louise Parsons, and a white father, Kenneth B. Parsons, in 1966. Her parentage makes her biracial, but this is not something she focuses on when she speaks of herself or her children. 

"Biracial doesn't make you half and half, you know?" she explained on an interview with VladTV. "You can say the term, but it doesn't make you half of this thing and half of that thing. We're all human, we're all people, we're all individuals" 

And this is exactly the way she has chosen to raise her two children: 15-year-old Lana and 11-year-old Nico. Parsons married a white man, Alexandre Rockwell, which means her children are also considered biracial. 

While her son has a slightly darker complexion, her daughter looks white, with blonde hair and blue eyes. However, although blonde, Lana does have the treademark of black hair in the tight curls on her head. 

While there's plenty of talk of people who are biracial, Parsons isn't concerrn by it, wanting her children to grow up to be their own people, whatever it is they may choose to do. 

"Exposing your kids to a lot, educating them, teaching and raising them to respect and love themselves and other people, and to understand and know their history, and other people's history, I think is really important. But those are the things I think that go into making a person of strong character and understanding. But I don't think teaching them to be someone, I don't know what that even means," she said, when asked whether she raises her children to be black or white. 

She further explained that while many people just assume she is black based on her skin color, she has a friend with the same DNA mix as her own, whose complexion is so light that people laugh when she tells them she is black. 

Parsons also shared that her daughter Lana faces a similar situation, because her skin is so light. 

"My daughter doesn't look black, and I think it frustrates her, because she wants to have a voice about things, but she feels like she's not going to be listened to, or she's not helping the situation when she tries to speak up. People see something that doesn't look like what they expect," she explained. "When she tries to speak up, she often feels like people will not take her seriously as a black person speaking."

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