Wendy Williams breaks silence over accusations she's 'harsher' on black women than white women

Wendy Williams reveals the truth about why she allegedly throws shade at black women in a candid interview celebrating 10 years of her talk show. 

10 years in the business of minding other people’s business through her talk show, Wendy Williams sits down with Cosmopolitan.com and opens up about the struggles of being a “hot topic” as she dishes out ‘Hot Topics’ on that segment of her show. The outspoken host most especially responds to allegations claiming she tends to be “harsher” to black women. 

It’s no secret that when Wendy talks, everybody listens, even when she’s often branded as mean. But the host revealed in her interview that she’s anything but mean. 

“I don’t do my show from a place of mean. I’m not a mean woman. I’m lovely. [Laughs.] However, I’m a straight shooter—there’s only 24 hours in a day and you've got five seconds to say something. I’m going to get straight to the point”

For Wendy, going straight to the point would sometimes involve being criticized for her views. The most recent accusations came from the black community claiming she tends to be harsher towards black women, allegations Wendy now confronts.

“I’ve heard that. But it's not true. Those people are saying the wrong thing—it's what they would like to believe, you see. Because I’m up here, so the only place that I can go is down.”

Wendy makes it clear that she does throw shade at people but this is not limited to black women. 

"I'm fun! Right now I'm not, sorry. But I hate dumb women. And that goes for whatever color you are."

The 54-year-old who hails from New Jersey also insists she’s proud to be a black woman. 

"People have accused me of bleaching my skin; of getting a nose job. They squint at my mom like, I didn't know Wendy was Asian. I am Black all day, honey pie. I am Black and very proud. I'm not going to do the no-makeup natural hair, whatever, beans, greens, lettuce, tomato, eh. But I've got more black in my pinky than most of the gangsters behind their keyboards. You come out of your house and you do a talk show, let me see how far you get with your attitude."

Wendy doesn’t think it’s fun that she’s being accused of not liking her own race.

“I don’t like when my own people say that I don’t want to be one of my own people. Like, really? Last time I checked, I didn’t marry a white man. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, though.”

As for the stones thrown her way, Wendy is steadfast and comfortable in her own thick skin to be bothered by them. 

“I’ve got love in my life; I’ve got a very strong constitution for the naysayers. I’ve been doing this for a very, very long time, and my skin is very thick. I know who I am, I know where I want to go, and how I want to get there.”

More of Wendy’s conversation with Cosmopolitan.com reveal her thoughts on politics, her family life, her son’s struggle with drugs and how she deals with being a celebrity herself.  

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