Officer saves fawn from deadly California fires

The grateful fawn was seen affectionately thanking the officer that saved it. The CHP San Fransico Twitter account shared a photograph with the officer holding the fawn as it licked him affectionately. 

California is in the midst of a massive disaster prevention as the fire department of the entire state is stretched thin trying to douse out over 17 large wildfires across the state. 

The fire has consumed over 200,000 acres and as of today has caused a total of 8 deaths. As the wildfire continues to expand, each life saved is an accomplishment to all the state departments, regardless of the species.

San Francisco highway patrol saved a fawn who got caught in the midst of the calamity. The grateful creature couldn't thank the officers who saved it's life enough. Read more about the CHP San Fransisco on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

The fawn was reportedly pulled out of the burning fires, at the edge of the River fire. The fire was about 250 miles north of the San Francisco City limits, and still approaching the city.

In the photo, the officer can be seen with a wide smile on his face. The picture is modestly captioned:

'Not sure we know what we’re doing in this pic but baby deer pulled from fires and turned over to rescue org.'

The post received over 2,700 likes and over 800 retweets.

The CHP is actively communicating with residents about various rescue plans through its different Twitter accounts, but this post seems to be a positive point in their timeline. 

In the tough times faced by the California community right now, this story proved to be a ray of sunshine and showed how much effort is being put in by the authorities; not only for its people but also for its flora and fauna.

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