5 relatives killed in apparent murder-suicide, including elderly couple and 13-year-old

While the shooting occurred in two locations, the police are still dumbfounded as to the motive behind it.

In a disastrous case of multiple murder and suicide in a single family, five bodies have been recovered by the police late in the evening on Friday, July 27, 2018, in the city of Robstown, Texas.

The police released a statement regarding the murder-suicide on Saturday morning, as reported KRIS 6 News

As per the reports, the alleged murderer, 60-year-old Richard Starry killed his father, Earnest Starry, and his stepmother, Thelma Montalvo at a nursing home in the town.

This episode was followed by Richard killing himself at the same location. While the police responded to the shooting at the nursing home, a family member called the police to the couple's home.

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The house was located near the nursing home. It was then discovered that two more murders had occurred at this premise. 

The victims were a 13-year-old adopted son of the murdered couple, as well as Montalvo's son from a previous marriage, who was 41, who would technically be Richard's stepbrother. A gun was recovered at this scene.

They have commended the nursing home for taking adequate action to make sure that all the remaining members of the home were safe during the situation. Eyewitness reports validate this claim.

The authorities have not released the names of the younger victims to the public yet. They have cited the grieving family and their privacy as the reason for not disclosing the names. 

Another key point that the police refused to comment on, was the motivation before the attack. They refuse to speculate as to the reason behind the attack because it is too early in the investigation to be making any claims. 

The Police chief concluded their press release by saying that the crime is still being investigated and will be presented to the District Attorney once completed.
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