'I know exactly what happened': Natalie Wood's sister opens up about star's mysterious death

Lana, Natalie Wood’s sister, claims that she knows “exactly what happened” to her famous sister and suggested that Natalie’s husband, Robert Wagner, is the culprit for her death.

Lana revealed during an interview for Megyn Kelly Today on July 25th that Natalie and Wagner had an intense fight right before she mysteriously passed away.

When asked by Kelly if she thinks Wagner is responsible for her death, Lana said yes.

Promoting the new podcast, Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood, Lana was on the show to share her own take on what exactly happened to her sister.

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On November 21, 1981, Natalie reportedly drowned off the coast of Catalina Island. She was only 43 years old at the time.

She was on a yacht called the Splendour, along with her husband Wagner, Christopher Walken, and the captain, Dennis Davern.

Ever since the incident, Wagner insisted that he has no idea what happened to his wife and believes that Natalie drowned while trying to board a dinghy.

Lana revealed during the interview that she had talked to Davern about that night.

As told by the captain, Lana relayed that the couple had a bad fight. Davern said he heard furniture being thrown all over the couple’s room.

Eventually, Davern knocked on the door to check on the couple. At the time, Wagner reportedly opened the door a little bit and told Davern to mind his own business.

“Dennis then left, went outside, turned up the music because they were being so loud and started walking towards the boat. And when he turned that corner, got there, [Wager] was standing there and Dennis said, ‘Where’s Natalie?’ And he said, ‘She’s gone,’” said Lana.

Afterward, Lana expressed that she doesn’t believe Wagner’s theory that her sister fell off a boat while attempting to board a dinghy since she was allegedly scared of water.

After all these years, Lana said that she wants Wagner to come clean and just be honest about what supposedly happened on the night of the incident.

Since the case has been reopened, Wagner has been hesitant in talking with the investigators.

Wagner and Natalie were married twice. Their first marriage was in 1957, but they divorced five years later. They were married for the second time in 1972 until she died.

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