Bryshere 'Yazz' Gray's mother still works as a nurse despite her son's success

- Mothers will be mothers and Yazz the Greatest's mom isn't giving up her career that raised her son, anytime soon.

- Despite the massive success of her son on television, Andria Mayberry isn't retiring her daytime job and explains why is this so.

- Celebritist learned that Mayberry is actually a nurse for sixteen years now and retirement is not in her vocabulary just yet.

If you can remember Yazz, born Brysherre Gray, he played 'Hakeem Lyon' in the critically-acclaimed television drama 'Empire'.

Since then, Gray, also known as Yazz The Greatest, has been hitting the heights of fame and popularity while capturing the hearts of many.

And if there is someone to credit for raising such an amazing person such as Yazz The Greatest, it would be no doubt his mother, Andria Mayberry.

Mayberry has been raising Bryshere alone as a single mother, but she did not lack in raising a child who grew up to be a well-known actor in the industry.

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There is no doubt Yazz is earning enough for her mother to stop working but Andria chose to continue her current job.

In her appearance in 'The Real' to promote her new book, 'Before Empire: Raising Bryshere Gray 'Yazz The Greatest', she explained the reason why.

She said:

'I have been there 16  years. I love the nursing field, and I’m an independent woman. I make my own money.'


When asked to advise her fellow single mothers, she shared:

'Hold on. Stick by your children. It’s very important. We have to make sacrifices for our children. Whatever you’re doing, you have to educate yourself on it. Whether they want to be a doctor, an educator…you have to educate yourself.'


Well, mothers know best after all, and she can undoubtedly be trusted with her decision to keep working.

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