Terry Crews expresses love to wife Rebecca in recent post while celebrating 29th anniversary

Aug 01, 2018
03:33 P.M.
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The American actor, artist, activist and former American football player recently celebrated his anniversary with his wife, and decided to share what a relaxing day the couple had had for the occasion. 


Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, have been together for 29 years as of the last weekend of July. The pair decided they'd enjoy the day together soaking up the summer sunshine, lounging around poolside. 

Crews took to his Instagram account to share two photos - one of each of them - lying in the sun in their swimwear. 

"29th Anniversary AND last day at 49 years old. What a life! I’m so tired I look like a corpse. @therealrebeccakingcrews caught me sleeping HARD. When I woke up I caught her looking SO CUTE. I am so blessed I can hardly believe my life. God has been so good to me. #anniversary #birthday #rest," Crews captioned the photos. 


In the first image, Crews could be seen wearing a pair of colorful patterned swimming shorts and a pair of reflective sunglasses as he lay on a white towel on a beige lounger. 

The second showed his wife wearing a small black bikini with a triangle cut top, and an almost identical pair of reflective aviator sunglasses. Her tattoos were also on full display in the image as she looked at the camera. 

It was also the day before Crews' 50th birthday, and the actor wanted to relax before he hit the half-century mark. 


The couple are very close, with Crews regularly sharing photos of his beautiful wife to his Instagram account in tribute to her and the important role she plays in his life. 

Another image of King-Crews saw her in a white dress with cutouts in her full-length sleeves, holding her hand over her upper chest while looking at the camera. 

"This is my lover, my business partner, my best friend and a damn, great mom to our kids! I love you @therealrebeccakingcrews!! #mothersday," he captioned the photo. 

Crews was caught up in a scandal were he was accused of sexual assault a number of years ago. The claims that he was cheating and his consequent confession to a porn addiction nearly cost him his marriage. 


King-Crews immediately split from her husband after everything came to life, and the actor was left with the decision to either straighten up immediately or lose her permanently. 

He decided to attend rehab and seek couseling, but it still took his wife three years before she felt she could trust him again. 


The couple later appeared on Dr Phil where they talked about the scandal and how they had dealt with it, where King-Crews had the audience in stitches over her response. 

“I said to him ‘you know we’re done right…yes I’m gonna leave your raggedy behind and I’m gonna take your money too.'” Adding, “You gone pay me child support for me and my new man.”

Terry then chimed in, “guys operate on pride. And you’re successful you feel like that buys you a pass.” He continued, “I did not go to rehab to get my wife back. I went there because I needed to be a better person.”