Joe Budden shares video of baby son trying to wake up his mom in the morning

Joe Budden shares a glimpse of his morning when everyone in the family is awake except one. See what his adorable 7-month-old does to rouse his sleeping mom. 

Every parent knows tending to a baby could be cause for sleepless nights and Joe Budden’s latest post is a testament to that. In a clip he recently shared, the rapper gives his followers a glimpse of what could possibly be a typical morning in their home where his wide awake 7-month-old son tries to get the attention of his mother, Cyn Santana who’s still sleeping like a log. 

Little Lexington is adorable in Joe’s clip. He’s lying in between his parents on their bed and attempting to rouse his mom from her sleep to no avail. The tot uses his tiny hands to touch Cyn’s eyes and pry it open but she simply moans and remains in slumber. Lex must have really kept his mom up the night before. 

Joe who’s watching the scene with his camera greeted his followers while mocking his girlfriend in his caption.

“Good morning to everyone but Cyn.”

Joe and Cyn welcomed Lexington, their first child together in December. The announcement came in the form of a black and white photo revealing their newborn son’s hand holding on to his mother’s finger. 

“Happy birthday baby boy. We love you so much”, the first-time-mom wrote to accompany the photo she posted on December 15, which also happened to be the10thyear anniversary of the rapper’s iconic album ‘Mood Muzik 3.’    

A second photo she posted featured Joe cradling Lexington in his arms and she lovingly wrote,

“The love of my life with the love of my life.”

Lexington’s parents began dating on the set of their show ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and have been together for about a year when they announced their pregnancy. Their relationship was viewed by VH1 as something positive which prompted the channel to dub them the “hottest couple” in a post. 

“We at the VH1 Headquarters hate to admit that we 100% approve of this twosome. Both are hilarious, talented, and we have to say, really [expletive] hot.”

Apart from Lexington, Joe is also a father to his son, Trey from a previous relationship. In 2015, he revealed he had a non-existent relationship with the teenager. 

“My issue is my relationship with my child… It’s non-existent… When I came out of rehab, and I met a woman, and she got pregnant. So she had this child and, we had broke up before the baby came. I go to court and they say, ‘we’ll give you supervised visits at the court.’ Finally I get to see my son at the courthouse. It wasn’t good.”

Meanwhile, Santana has been very open about her sexuality and even had relations with her co-star Erica Mena on the show. However, she insists she’s never had a relationship with a girl despite having kissed some before. 

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