Malia Obama seen on a date with her British boyfriend

20-year-old Malia Obama was spotted wearing a mini dress when she stepped out with her boyfriend, Rory Farquharson, hand in hand.

According to Daily Mail, Barack Obama's eldest daughter, Malia Obama, and her British boyfriend were pictured together as they strolled on the streets of Mayfair, one of the most expensive districts in London. 

The 20-year-old Malia and her boyfriend, Farquharson, who both study at Harvard University, were first rumored to be in a relationship when a video of them kissing emerged last year. 

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The daughter of the former President was seen with her British boyfriend and has also developed a taste for British fashion.

Daily Mail shared photos of Malia wearing a pair of black boots by Dr. Martens while enjoying a romantic date with Farquharson, who is also 20 years old.

Obama wore a white summer dress with the $170-boots for her dinner date with her boyfriend.

Farquharson was seen in a pink shirt and blue trousers, for their dinner date at a Mayfair restaurant. 

He was the head boy at Rugby School in 2016, one of the oldest and expensive schools in London. A school described him as popular and 'quite a catch.’ 

While on the date, Farquharson was pictured smoking a cigarette, a habit Malia herself has enjoyed herself from time to time.

Her father, the former President of the United States, was also a regular smoker before his term as the 44th President at the White House.

Farquharson has is also said to be connected to the Royal family, as his second cousin was the Queen's Assistant Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace. 

Following her parents' footsteps, Malia Obama began college at Harvard last year. Her father and mother, Michelle Obama, were both students of law at the prestigious American University.

In November 2017, Farquharson was dubbed by a section of media as the ‘mystery man’ when he was photographed in an embrace with Malia before the Harvard-Yale football game.

Rugby School is one of the top public schools in the United Kingdom where a year of tuition and boarding fees can cost $42,500 (32,000).

The youngster has represented the school at golf and was also a member of a chemistry club, the Blue Bunsen Society. 

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