Remember 'Alf'? He's possibly returning to earth in an all-new reboot

ALF is a series that first appeared on NBC on September 22, 1986. It ran for 4 seasons and 99 episodes until it was abruptly cancellation on March 24, 1990.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is in the early stages of rebooting the hit sitcom. The new possible plot of the reboot was also announced.

The reboot will star the friendly cat-eating alien ALF (Alien Life Form) from the planet Melmac. In the original show, he crash-landed in the home of the Tanners, a middle-class family.

The Tanners compromised of Willie (Max Wright), Kate (Anne Schedeen), Lynn (Andrea Elson), and Brian (Benji Gregory). They hid the alien from the Alien Task Force and dealt with his day-to-day shenanigans.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The reboot is set to reportedly focus on ALF returning with a new family and characters.

This would involve ALF emerging from Area 51, where he has been held captive since the original series finale. The alien life form will then observe how much the world has changed since that time.

Original writers and co-creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco are set to return. Fusco also voiced and controlled the puppet Gordon Shumway, a.k.a. ALF.

For scenes featuring ALF’s full body, Mihaly Meszaros performed the alien’s actions. Currently, no network has yet attached itself to the reboot which was said to be in the very early stages of development.  

The project has been in the works since May. ALF’s final episode teased viewers with an ending that announced ‘to be continued.’ However, a proper finale never materialized.

Instead, the character has appeared in various media forms. This included a TV movie entitled Project: ALF in 1996, which was meant to provide closure to the show despite featuring none of the original cast.

ALF also had a comic book published by Marvel Comics, which ran for four years and totaled 50 issues. ALF: The Animated Series served as a prequel and ran on Saturday mornings from 1987-1988.

The lovable alien even had an ALF’s Hit Talk Show, which was a late night talk show where ALF even had a sidekick in Ed McMahon. The character also made guest appearances on other TV shows such as Blossom, Hollywood Squares, and The Simpsons, among others.

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