Elderly man rescues single mum and 4 kids from 'nightmare' after car breaks down

Aug 04, 2018
06:51 A.M.
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Tawny Nelson shared her story about a kind gesture from a total stranger that completely revived her faith in humanity.


Facebook page Frank Somerville KTVU posted Nelson’s story, which she shared with the admins of the page. She explained how a 74-year-old man helped her out of her miseries one night.

Nelson is a single mother of four children who are 9 years old, 5 years old, 2 years old, and 6 weeks old. She owns a messed up truck that had a lot of malfunctioning parts and systems, and the family uses it only when she absolutely needs it.

One day, she had an urgent requirement of visiting the store to gather essential supplies. So she put all her children in the truck and drove all the way to Winn Dixie, which was about 9 blocks away from their home.


When she had finished shopping and walked out of the store, it was already night and there was a downpour as well.


Nelson quickly got all her children into the truck and prepared to turn on the ignition. Unfortunately, the vehicle did not start.

She realized later that one of her daughters had left the light on by accident, which had caused the truck’s battery to die down.

To add to her miseries, even her phone was disconnected. As she also had no other family of her own, she was completely stranded.

She asked several people for help but none of them offered her any support. She admitted that several of them did not even bother to decline her request. They simply ignored her.


Her younger children were hungry and wanted to go home. They started crying and made Nelson feel more miserable. ‘I was bawling and felt like the worst Mom ever,’ the Facebook post quoted her as saying.

Just when all hope seemed lost, an older gentleman knocked on her window and handed her a plate of chicken strips and biscuits as well as bottles of water.


He then informed her that his wife was on her way with a tow truck, and when the truck arrived, the old gentleman personally saw to it that Nelson reached home safely.

Next day, he even brought a mechanic to fix her truck up. When she wanted to hand the mechanic cash for the repair, she was informed that the old man had already paid for it.

The post concluded by informing that the old man had already left and he never returned. Nelson had no way of thanking him, but she now hoped that she could do unto others what the old man did for her that night.