Pregnant woman asked for latte but McDonald's served her cleaning solution instead

Rebelander Basilan
Aug 03, 2018
11:40 P.M.
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Sarah Douglas was served a cleaning solution at southern Alberta McDonald's instead of a latte.


As reported by CBC, Douglas, who is 32 weeks pregnant with her third child, stopped at the McDonald's restaurant on University Drive W. in Lethbridge on her way to her son's baseball tournament recently.

The woman, from Alberta, Canada, ordered a latte at the drive-thru and as she got on the highway she took a sip.

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"I immediately had to put my hazard lights on and pull over and spit it out and rinse my mouth out with ... water," CBC quoted Douglas as saying.


"I opened up the lid of the coffee and out pours this pungent smell of chemical. It wasn't a latte at all."

Douglas then decided to turn around and headed back to the McDonald's, where she asked to speak to the supervisor.

"I showed him the coffee and he had asked if I wanted a new one, and I said, 'Absolutely not, this is unacceptable.' I said I need to speak to someone higher up and he said he was the only supervisor on at the time, and he gave me his manager's phone number."

According to her, one of the workers informed her that two cleaning lines were still hooked up to the latte machine, and even when she returned her coffee they hadn't changed them.


"The supervisor went and got the bottle that was hooked up to it and brought it over to the counter, and I took a picture of it, so I knew what I was working with — what I had consumed so I could talk to 811 and poison control," said Douglas.

She spoke with poison control, who told her it was an acid-based solution.

Though she never really swallowed the liquid, she still planned to visit her family doctor.

Dan Brown, who owns that particular McDonald's, released a statement on the matter, according to CBC.

"Unfortunately, the milk supply line was connected to the cleaning solution while this guest's drink was made," the statement reads. "McDonald's is renowned for its food safety protocols and I am sorry that this happened in my restaurant here in Lethbridge."


"What happened is that the machine was being cleaned as it is every morning. Unfortunately, the milk supply line was connected to the cleaning solution while this guest's drink was made."

The statement added: "We have taken immediate action to review the proper cleaning procedures with the team and have put additional signage up as an added reminder."

Douglas hasn't suffered any side effects from the cleaning solution, but she is hoping this is a wake-up call.

"As a mother, I want to make sure I have voice and that I'm being heard in terms of the safety of consumers," she said.