August 04, 2018

Mother of thug who punched woman outside nightclub turns him over to police

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53-year-old Cathy Holmes marched her own 20-year-old son, Liam, to the police station in Essex, London after he knocked out an 18-year-old woman outside a nightclub.

Daily Mail reported that Cathy, who is a florist running the store named ‘Cathy’s Flowers,’ told them that she did not want people to judge her son “on the back of that video clip.” She explained that he was not a “terror.”

Cathy stated that Liam has been helping her and taking care of her after she had a brain hemorrhage, which keeps him at home on most days. He very rarely goes out.

The nine-second clip that came out shows Liam punching the woman twice on the face, knocking her out completely on the floor.


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Prior to the shocking confrontation, the woman came dangerously close to Liam’s face while he stood with his arms folded. The pair then exchanged a few inaudible words before Liam lost his cool.

Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the attack is being treated as ‘actual bodily harm,’ the Daily Mail further reported.

A spokesman for the police stated: “A 20-year-old man has been interviewed under caution in connection with an alleged assault after attending an east London police station voluntarily yesterday. He was subsequently released under investigation.”


The authorities also confirmed that the incident took place outside Faces nightclub at 3 am, following which the injured woman was taken to a hospital and was later discharged.

Defending her son’s character, Cathy told the online source, “The clip online showing him hitting the girl makes him look bad but that's only a fraction of the real story.”

Source: YouTube/Daniel Kalemasi


She further explained that there was a lot that went on behind the cameras and before her son got violent with the woman.

Cathy confirmed that police authorities would give her access to the full CCTV footage so that the details of what actually went on would be revealed.

Police authorities have stated that the further investigation, as well as enquiries regarding the incident, is still ongoing.