August 13, 2018

Grandpa hands $2,300 cash to Walmart cashier but she refuses to wire it to his 'grandson'

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Something about the old man's situation alarmed the Walmart staff and she refused to give him service.

Walmart cashier Audrey Taylor saved Cecil Rodgers from being scammed. According to

Liftable, she helped save his $2,300 that might have been transferred to some unknown scammers.

Rodgers was called by two scammers, one of whom claimed to be his grandson and the other his grandson's lawyer.

The one who claimed to be Rodgers' grandson told him that he was in immediate need of $2,300. He explained that he had met with an accident and required the money to get out of jail.


Then the other spammer, who claimed to be a lawyer, told Rodgers that he was going to help his grandson, but he needed that said amount as soon as possible. He then instructed the elderly man to send the money through wire transfer services at his local Walmart to another Walmart store in Maryland


Without questioning any of it, Rodgers promptly made arrangements, headed to his bank, and then stood in line at his local Walmart with the money.

The cashier in that line, Taylor, was quite an observant person, and she quickly realized the possibility of a scam in Rodgers' situation. So she simply warned the old man about it and refused to let him send the money.

She even advised Rodgers to call other members of his family and to confirm that it was really his grandson who had called him. Later, it was revealed that Rodgers' grandson was indeed in college and he was safe and sound.

Taylor later explained the reason behind her suspicion. She revealed that she was alarmed by the fact that the grandson had contacted the old man before he contacted his mother.

“Because his daughter hadn’t been contacted yet, I felt like if a son was in true need, the mom would have been contacted first before the grandpa would," said Taylor.