Thief robs sleeping man in Parisian Metro and then saves his life

Preeti Pillai
Aug 07, 2018
04:12 A.M.

A thief who stole from the pocket a drunk man later saved his life after the man stumbled in front of a train.


The thief was captured on camera approaching towards the man who was sleeping on a bench in a Paris Metro station back in 2015.

CCTV footage revealed that the thief carefully sat next to the man as he was slyly fishing through one of his pockets.

After the thief got hold of an item; that resembled a phone; he started to move swiftly to the other side of the man and took out another object from the other pocket.

The video that was captured by cameras at the French station showed the drunk man waking up after the incident. His body movements were not coherent as he struggled to stand on his feet.

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Source: Youtube (TITANVORTEX)

Source: Youtube (TITANVORTEX)


He can be seen stumbling along the platform before he lost his balance and fell on the track. The video also showed a bystander, who saw the man's the near-fatal fall, but he walked away.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

Within minutes, the train arrived at the platform and stopped right before the man. Another security camera captured the same thief sprinting along the platform in a frantic attempt to reach the front end of the train.

He seemed concerned after seeing the man fall from the platform and rushed towards him. He then helped the man up from the tracks and avoided a possible tragedy from happening.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

The 90-seconder video clip has been taken by the officials into their custody, and the sequence of events have been analyzed by a senior officer, according to Metro.

Since the video surfaced online, it was not clear if the drunk man who fell on the tracks was injured or if the thief was caught and prosecuted.

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