Mom horrified after school shaves young daughter’s head without permission

Denise Robinson, a mother from Massachusetts, slammed her 7-year-old daughter, Tru’s school for shaving the little girl’s head without her permission.

According to USA Today, Robinson was angered by the fact that the school did not consider it important to seek her consent before cutting down her child’s hair.

The school named Little Heroes Group Home, in Dracut, explained that they shaved Tru’s head because of hygiene-related issues.

However, Robinson argued that there was no apparent hygiene-related “reason for them to shave” the little girl’s head.

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“There was no bed bugs. There was no, what I refer to as, rasta locks going on," Robinson, who is now working with a lawyer,” she told NECN. Robinson later even started consulting a lawyer regarding the matter.

Robinson explained that her daughter had two ponytails on the side on the day it was shaved by the school. It was braided in the ponytails and “there was nothing wrong,” she insisted.

Her hair was cut down by a volunteer after a clinician at the school took her to a salon, making the girl go nearly bald. “For them to do this, it’s very upsetting, not just to me but to her,” Robinson stated.

Before cutting down her hair, a school volunteer told Tru that by cutting down her hair, it “would grow back straight,” reported CBS Boston.

Robinson views this statement from the school as an emotional violation of her little daughter, who already suffers severe emotional issues.

Robinson’s attorney, Richard Kendall, told the CBS Boston, “She’s a very emotionally damaged young lady with behavioral issues, and to put this on top of the whole entire thing is really rough.”

The attorney also called the school’s statement made to the little girl regarding the hair growing back straight after shaving it completely “appalling.”

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