February 04, 2019

An elderly couple call police to report a break-in, but have to call a second time

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How the old man in the anecdote brilliantly executes a ‘gotcha’ moment for the police is hilarious.

Uni Jokes is a website that has numerous witticisms on a host of different topics, but one of them has particularly been popular among the website’s followers.

The joke narrates the story of a senior citizen couple in their home, getting ready for a good night’s sleep in their cozy home.

Just when the duo was about to call it a night, it occurred to the old man that he had overlooked something; he noticed that he had forgotten to switch off the lights of the greenhouse that stood in the backyard.


Just when he realized this, he and his wife heard unfamiliar voices near the greenhouse. It did not take long for the elderly couple to recognize that their greenhouse had been broken into by strangers.

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Soon, the couple was able to ascertain that three men had secretly entered the greenhouse, presumably with the intention to steal.

The old man and his wife were frightened by the unexpected twist on what was supposed to be a normal night, and they immediately called the police for help.


Their call was answered by a dispatcher. After listening to the old man narrate the incident, the dispatcher stated that all the police officers were away on duty.

As a solution, the dispatcher could not provide any concrete assurance, instead, he only said that he would have an officer arrive at their home as soon as anyone was back and available.

The nervous old man and his wife waited for a while, hoping that an officer would come knocking at their door and save them from harm.

However, when there was no sign of the police, the old man decided to try calling the dispatcher again, but this time, with a different tactic in mind.


Speaking to the representative of the dispatch team, the old man assured him that the department need not worry or send any police official.

In a confident, calm voice, the old man told the dispatcher that he had taken care of the problem himself, by shooting down the robbers.

To add to the dramatic story, the man also shared that the bodies of the shot down thieves were being feasted upon by dogs.

This ploy of the elderly man worked like magic, and a team of policemen came rushing in at his home.

They had assumed that the old man had gone out of control and committed murder, however, as soon as they reached the house, the officers were able to nab the thieves in the middle of their act.


A while later, one of the policemen who had arrived at the scene confronted the old man about his lie, saying, ‘I thought you said you shot the robber and your dogs were eating them.’

To which the old man, pleased with himself, nonchalantly replied, ‘I thought you said, there weren’t any officers available.’

Source: Uni Jokes

This line ought to have left the police officer speechless. The light-hearted jab at the police department’s ways was like by hundreds of people on the humor website.