Here are all the incredible details about brutal McDonald's brawl that rocked the internet

Even though McDonald’s restaurants are supposed to provide a family atmosphere wherein people can eat without problems, things have been different lately.

A video taken in a McDonald’s store in Las Vegas proves that right. It showed 24-year-old customer named Sabrina Fontelar arguing with 24-year-old employee Erika Chavolla, and things escalated quickly.

As Celebritist previously reported, the argument began when Fontelar asked for a free water cup and went to the soda machine to fill it up with a beverage, so she basically wanted to get a free soda.

Chavolla noticed it, and she turned the machine off as a way to let the customer know that if she wanted to drink soda, the right thing to do was paying for it and not “stealing” it.

After that, Fontelar sat down in the bar a couple of feet away from the counter and started talking to Chavolla, insulting and mistreating her. As soon as that happened, Marie Dayag, who was eating in the store, began recording everything.

In the caption of the video posted on Davag’s Instagram account – which has been deleted – the witness explained why the incident began. Even though the audio is bad, Chavolla could be heard saying that Fontelar couldn’t afford a soda. Fontelar replied saying: “that's why your [expletive] is behind the [expletive] counter.”

Soon after that, she threw a French fry to Chavolla and kept shouting at her to fight her. Later, Fontelar grabbed her milkshake and threw it at the employee, who immediately rushed towards the customer. Fontelar used the metal tray she had and hit Chavolla in the head, but it only enraged her even more.

The employee grabbed Fontelar by the hair and started punching and pulling her up and down. Chavolla, who was taller than the customer, easily lifted and threw her over a nearby table. Other employees and customers tried to break up the fight.

When the brawl was supposed to be over, one of the restaurant’s worker was trying to hold Fontelar, but she started hitting her and, as a way to defend herself, the other employee hit her a couple of times, as well.

Chavolla came back and threw Fontelar over another table, and the fight ended. The employee finally said that her mother wasn’t dead and that Fontelar must respect her mother. After the incident, Fontelar claimed on social media that she was charged with battery over the incident. Chavolla kept her job, though.

A similar fight in DeKalb, Illinois

While it is not known what caused this fight, it involved two women, too. The video showed how both of them were behind the counter pulling each other’s hair and fighting on the floor while a man encouraged one of them.

One of the employees was recorded trying to keep the man out of the confrontation, but he ultimately pushed the woman to the ground, grabbed one of the fighting women, and dragged her out of the brawl.

When the man and the woman were getting out of the restaurant, the McDonald’s worker told him: “you hit a woman!” and pointed at the CCTV cameras suggesting that everything was recorded.

Fox News reported that the DeKalb Police Department was investigating the incident and that it might lead to arrests.

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