Daughter surprises father with dream car on Father's Day

Aug 08, 2018
12:36 P.M.

Lisa Sartori inherited her love for fast cars from her father. On Father’s Day in 2017, she decided to fulfill her dream of surprising his father with a 1966 Corvette.


Sartori shared that her father always wanted to own a Corvette. She was supposed to surprise her father on his 80th birthday, but at the time, it was eight months away, and she couldn’t wait.

She said she bought the 1966 model because it was the year she was born. Sartori explained it was to add more meaning to the gift.

On the day of the surprise, Sartori’s father thought they were having a Father’s Day photo shoot but little did he know, his daughter had something great in store for him.

Source: YouTube/ Lisa Sartori

Source: YouTube/ Lisa Sartori

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Sartori explained that for years, her father photo shoot owned a lot of cars, but he never bought a Corvette even though he wanted one.

She added it was her dream to someday purchase her dad’s dream car for him.

On the video compilation uploaded by Sartori, her father can be seen driving towards the venue of their supposed photo shoot.

He quickly noticed the Corvette parked in the area. The man taking the video asked him if he ever owned one and he said no.


When they arrived, everyone from Sartori’s family was present, including a photographer who was discussing the shots they were going to do.

Source: YouTube/ Lisa Sartori

Source: YouTube/ Lisa Sartori

Soon enough, Sartori’s father wandered off towards the car.

He observed the vehicle and acknowledged that there were Father’s Day gifts inside.


Sartori laughed and walked towards her father. She handed her the keys to the car and said, “Happy Father’s Day.”

Her father couldn’t believe what he just heard and was stunned. While in tears he asked, “What?”

Source: YouTube/ Lisa Sartori

Source: YouTube/ Lisa Sartori

Sartori hugged and kissed her dad and told him that it was indeed his Father’s Day gift.

For an extra touch, Sartori had her father’s nickname on the car’s plate as well.

Everyone in the family had priceless reactions, especially Sartori’s father. He was emotional and couldn’t believe that he finally had his dream car.

The video has now reached almost 2.5 million views. Another YouTube user, CamTrendz, uploaded compilations of other children also surprising their parents with their dream cars.

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