Brutal footage captured of brawl between two women at a McDonald's

The police officials said that the viral video of the violent brawl at a McDonald's in Illinois might lead to multiple arrests.

A few weeks ago, McDonald's was in the news for a brawl that took place in the premises of their Las Vegas outlet. Another violent video is now making rounds on the internet after a video from July gained traction.

The footage was first shared online in July, but the law enforcement took notice of the same recently. It showed two women, both employees at the outlet, aggressively attacking each other behind the counter at a McDonald's in DeKalb, Ill.

The police department said that, after the investigations, there may be a few arrests.

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Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

The two female employees were seen punching each other. The boyfriend of one of the employees was also captured in the video encouraging her to fight.

The boyfriend was seen yelling and pushing another female employee when she tried to grab him from the counter. He shoved her to the ground and went back to the area where the two women were fighting.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

He eventually managed to get hold of his girlfriend, and the two women were pulled away from each other by the other employee who was shoved to the ground by the man. 

As the couple left the scene, the man yelled out expletives at the employee. One of the female employees told him that he was captured on camera pushing female employees.

The reason and motivation for the fight was still not apparent. Steve Lekkas, the DeKalb Police Commander, said that the video helped them eliminate conflicting eyewitness accounts since they questioned everyone involved in the brawl.

The couple may be charged with battery and warrants were being issued against them. Lekkas told Daily Chronicle that they were comfortable with half of the charges since they used the McDonald's surveillance video

The violent video came to light in less than two weeks after another McDonald’s brawl in Las Vegas. The parties involved in the fight in Las Vegas included an employee and a customer.

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