Two strangers help man keep wife's memory alive

Two park staffers noticed an old man bringing daisies every day to his wife’s memorial bench. When winter came, it became hard for him to walk through all the snow bank in the park. Hence, the two staffers did what they could to help him.

CBS shared the story about the kind gesture of two strangers who helped the old man, in secret, to make him happy in bringing flowers for his beloved wife.

The two men, Jared and Kevin, working at the Lakeside Park in the city of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, noticed the old man and his daily ritual of visiting his wife.

One snowy day, they saw how distraught he was when he couldn’t reach his wife’s memorial bench because of the snow and just stood on the sidewalk and watched it from afar.

Jared and Kevin knew they had to do something.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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Throughout the winter time, the two city workers shoveled the pathway leading to a memory bench in the park, which the old man named Bud Caldwell, bought after his wife died.

The next time he went to the park, Caldwell was shocked when he saw the cleared pathway, and he had no idea who was responsible for the random act of kindness.

On the bench is a small plaque that had Caldwell’s wife, Betty’s photo, and little information about her.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

When Betty passed away in 2013, Caldwell was heartbroken. They were married for 55 years. Even though Caldwell lost her years ago, his love for Betty remains in his heart.

He visits the memorial bench every day to talk to his wife. He keeps her updated with the happenings in his life and gives her daisies.

Caldwell shared that the daisies were inspired from Betty’s favorite song, Daisy A Day, which he always used to sing to her.

He recalled that he used to surprise his wife with a bouquet of daisies and would sing the song as he gave her the flowers.

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