Mary from 'Little House on the Prairie' is 55 and she is a real beauty!

Most of us probably remember this actress for her great role in Little House on the Prairie. Now, more than four decades after the show was released, she still looks gorgeous.

Melissa Sue Anderson, best known for her role in the NBC drama series "Little House on the Prairie" shared a photo on her Twitter account that showed us how beautiful she still is.

Thanks to a Stanton Daily post, we know how Melissa Sue Anderson looks like right now too. AmoMama invites you to see the pictures and share your thoughts with us.

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The woman who portrayed Mary Ingalls is now 55 and, as you will notice in the picture below, she has taken very good care of herself all this time.

Even though she worked with Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush, and Melissa Gilbert, Anderson was the only actress from the show who got an Emmy Award nomination. She said:

"I was only 11, so I really can’t tell you how long it was, but it seemed like forever before I knew. I was ecstatic when I heard I’d got the part!"

She received that nomination thanks to her awesome performance during the fourth season of the show. As you might remember, her character went blind in that season, so Anderson had to dig really deep to play the character.

Anderson said that she went to the Foundation for the Junior Blind to receive instructions on how a young person gets used to recent blindness.

Even though it was fun and exciting at the beginning, it was very difficult to keep it up over the years and admitted that since her character was very limited due to her sight, she decided to leave the show after only three episodes on the eighth season.

She made such an impression in that role that even after working in other TV and filming projects, people still refer to the actress as "blind Mary," after more than 30 years.

But the woman does look fantastic all these years later. Anderson shared a photo with her daughter, who is also gorgeous, and we are pleased to see her sparkling blue eyes and beautiful smile are still there.

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