Missing: Police are 'vigorously' searching for woman who disappeared from her work place

She was supposed to collected from work by her boyfriend that afternoon, but she hasn't returned home since. 

19-year-old Kiera Bergman disappeared from her work at Progressive Leasing in Arizona, on August 4. Her office is just 10 minutes from her apartment, and while Bergman is nowhere to be seen, her purse and car were found at her home. 

She had only just moved to Phoenix from San Diego at the time of her disappearance. 

According to Kriesten Bragg, Bergman's mother, her daughter had been expecting her boyfriend to fetch her from work, but had never returned to her apartment. 

Bergman's aunt, Mindy Tarantino, said that the last time anyone heard from her was the morning of her disappearance, when she sent a text message to her roommate. 

She has not been seen or heard from since, and there is no sign that she has returned to her apartment at any point either. 

The family has filed a missing person's report with the Phoenix Police Department, who are investigating her disappearance. 

"Phoenix Police is actively and vigorously investigating this disappearance. Phoenix Police are in constant contact with the family and have been conducting interviews daily. We understand the emotions involved and wish to show empathy towards all those who are looking for Kiera."

Phoenix PD Sgt. Vincent Lewis has made a statement to say that there is no evidence at this time of any foul play. 

"Her disappearance is unique, in that we don't have any answers and no leads as to where she currently might be and this is out of character for her to not speak with friends or family," Sgt. Lewis said

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