Have you noticed people wearing a red thread? Here is its secret meaning

Ksenia Novikova
Aug 15, 2018
01:25 P.M.

You have probably seen many people in the streets wearing a red thread around their wrists. But even if it looks like a fashion accessory, it carries a much deeper and spiritual meaning.


For the believers, having a read thread tied on their wrists serves as a good luck amulet that brings prosperity, affection, and love. Mundo Positivo shared that this works because of the energy of the people who wear it and those around them.

According to this theory, the red thread absorbs bad thoughts and negative energies that might be around. So, with this protection, only good things will flow towards you, and you will be able to attract only what you want the most.

If you want to use one of these red threads, you have to make sure to wear it in your left wrist. It is also important that someone who loves you very much and wishes only good things for you is the one who ties it.

Only following these indications it will work as you expect, surrounding you with love, harmony, hope, and many positive things. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.


If the thread falls off, it means that it has absorbed all the negative things around you. But you must never pick it up and put it back. Be careful about that.

What you must do when that happens is throwing it away as far from you as you can. Then you can find a new piece of thread to start over again.

This protective technique comes from the Jewish tradition, and it is believed that it started many centuries ago, with the Semitic people trying to protect themselves from the “evil eye.”


In case you haven’t heard about the evil eye before, it is a superstition that claims that a human being is capable of causing harm to another one by simply giving him or her a look that is charged with bad energies.

When the time comes for you to tie the red thread around your wrist, it must be done using seven knots. Every time a new knot is tied, you must think about the good things you want to attract.

It is very important for the thread to be made out of wool, and you must buy it expressively for this. It cannot be borrowed or taken from an old piece of clothing.

It can’t be stressed enough that you must really have a person you trust to put the amulet on you. If you get the wrong person to do this, it can end up doing more wrong than good.

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