3 kids out shopping with military uncle after mom dies gets support from elderly couple

Ksenia Novikova
Aug 23, 2018
01:42 P.M.
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Angela O'Neal Jacks was shopping at a store when she saw a man with three children shopping for school supplies, and she noticed that he was looking over each item on the list the children needed and ticking them off. 


Jacks shared a post on Facebook in which she described the incident in detail. She was out shopping at her local Dollar Tree store, in Gardendale, Alabama, on July 31, 2018.

She saw the man and also noticed that the man even apologized to the little ones a couple of times that they had to shop at the discount store to purchase some of the many items, but they seemed happy and grateful. 

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She thought of letting him know that he could get pencil boxes that were a lot sturdier and of better quality at the same price in a different store. 


The man thanked Jacks for the advice and shared with her that the children’s mother had passed away three weeks ago and the father was not in the picture. 


He told Jacks that he was the children's uncle, their mother's brother and he served in the military. After their mother's passing, none of the relatives had come forward to take responsibility of the children, and so he had taken it upon himself to look after them.

Jacks wrote that the man was getting nervous as the school term was nearing and he was not ready with the money needed to send the children to school.

“(He) said they had needed complete wardrobes, backpacks, supplies, etc. He was overwhelmed and also upset about the Dollar Tree, but was doing the best he could.”

Angela O'Neal Jacks, Facebook, July 31, 2018. 


He also seemed distressed by the fact that he had to shop for his sister's children at the Dollar Tree store. 


Jacks added that she was about to take his list and have a look at it herself to advise him on which were products that he could buy from Dollar tree itself instead of buying from other stores when an elderly couple walked up to them. 

The couple said, “Sir, we have overheard your conversation. We were wondering if you would put all of this back and meet us at Wal-Mart? We’d like to purchase all of their supplies, clothes, shoes, and backpacks,” according to Jack's post. 


The couple also thanked the man for his service to the country and also for looking after his sister’s children. 

The man and children were full of gratitude and Jacks wrote that there were “tears everywhere,” and cheers from the little ones. 

Jacks went on to write that one of the three children asked if they could get an MP3 player too along with the other supplies to which she quickly responded that they surely could.